The perfect gift for mom

Even if middle-aged, mothers will always be the brightest beings in our lives. They deserve attention and unconditional appreciation every day, so that the most important gift a mother can get during the holiday season, is to be surrounded by family and spend beautiful moments with her loved ones.

cadou pentru mama doina gerovital

In addition to family affection, every mother deserves to be spoiled with a gift that would highlight her natural beauty and help her to reduce the marks of time. Here are our recommendations:

Doina Gift Pack contains vitaminizing nourishing cream specially designed for moisturizing, softening the skin’s natural elasticity. The content rich in vitamin E, prevents premature skin aging and contribute to its regeneration.
Besides cream, the gift pack also contains vitamin nourishing milk, an extremely popular product among our consumers. It cleanses, revitalizes and protects the skin and is recommended for both cleansing and moisturizing.

Gift Box Gerovital H3 Evolution – Moisturizing Lift Cream Day Care SPF 15 is composed by Moisturizing Lift Cream Day care and Antiperspirant Deodorant Splendidend offered as a gift. The cream corrects skin imperfections, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles using the 3 main ingredients: Sepilift, Lipomoist and Hyaluronic Acid. Antiperspirant Deodorant Splendide has a delicate floral fragrance, and is specifically designed to provide protection all day long.

Winter holidays are loved by everyone, from small to large, and represents a wonderful opportunity to be with family and to remember beautiful memories.